NorthPoint presents "Drive your CMS to take charge of Mobile Apps" webinar on March 21

NorthPoint is excited to present a joint webinar with partner, Hippo, about how to "Drive your CMS to take charge of Mobile Apps" on Thursday, March 21 at 11:00 AM New York Time (8:00 AM Los Angeles Time). 

That we are in the midst of a mobile revolution is unquestionable. According to Forbes, the world has gone from 0 to 60 billion mobile applications (apps) downloaded in just the last four years. Further consumers are increasingly spending more time in mobile apps versus the web, thereby opening a new channel and revenue opportunity for mobile app publishers. 

Many mobile apps that exist today are simply versions of print products that are updated each week or month. Other apps are run on the white-label platforms that demand a second cut of revenue (after Apple, etc). These apps get the job done, but force organizations to cede control of their products and brands. Other organizations, fearful of the headaches that stem from supporting these various platforms, have shied away from native mobile apps, electing instead to deploy, simpler, cross-platform compatible HTML5 designs that compromise user experience for operational efficiency. 

The emerging mobile economy poses as a disruptive force to the traditional approaches App Publishers have taken to date. At NorthPoint, we believe that Brands and Publishers need tools to take control of their efforts to drive mobile revenue. We embrace the emerging approach toward mobile app development - one that avoids rigid app development launch cycles, facilitates real-time modifications to content and UI designs (even native components), and lays the foundation for smarter apps that are personalized, adaptive, and truly useful. 

During the webinar, we will share how we are applying these concepts to enterprise organizations and we will provide you with additional insights and takeaways around:

  • The current mobile app landscape versus the new mobile app paradigm
  • Why user experience is everything: engagement, abandonment, conversion
  • What is Mobile Experience Management and why is it important for customer engagement
  • Why strictly mobile-web user experiences are inconsistent, frustrating, and limited across the iOS and Android browsers
  • How frequent app updates are expensive and frustrating to users
  • Use Case: Mobex - a cutting-edge mobile app execution product that truly lays the foundation to build smarter apps by integrating with Hippo's content repository

As mobile apps to become the dominant channel for customer engagement, organizations need to get off the sidelines and commit themselves to this change. 

Join us to learn how to leverage the power of your CMS to take control of your mobile apps and maximize your returns in a rapidly growing and dynamic environment. Registration is complimentary, but be sure to reseve your spot here. For more information, please contact us at 212.819.1700 or via email