$11 billion Global Hedge Fund Manager chooses NorthPoint Form PF Solution to institutionalize regulatory filing process

NorthPoint, a leading provider of software solutions and services to investment managers, announced another global hedge fund manager has chosen the NorthPoint Form PF Solution to help reduce the time and cost involved in reporting and to help the firm respond to regulatory requirements through an institutionalized process. The fund manager can manage and submit filings for multiple registered Investment Advisors in one system.

The NorthPoint Form PF Solution provides easy-to-use data management tools to collect, classify, and aggregate various sources of data required for filing Form PF. The solution enables consolidation of all required information, ranging from existing legacy applications, file systems, and external sources, such as service provider data, into a Form PF repository. The system's extensible data interface allows NorthPoint to fully integrate with the manager's existing Data Warehouse and implement an end-to-end automation of data mapping and population.

Once in the repository, a snapshot of the information is retained to provide a complete audit trail of source data and summarized reported values. A management dashboard facilitates the monitoring and status of each section and the overall progress of the filing preparation.

"Robust technology can make the process of filing substantially easier," said Dileep Bhat, Senior Manager. "With so many fields to complete in the document, as well as a host of related calculations, any form of automation throughout the filing can save valuable time and dramatically reduce the chance for human and manual entry errors. NorthPoint has already helped several large funds accurately prepare for Form PF in a timely manner and ensured that the process is replicable for future filings."

The NorthPoint Form PF Solution can be implemented as a standalone solution into your existing environment or as part of the NorthPoint Solutions Suite consisting of Trade Order Management, Portfolio Management, Data Warehouse, Security Master, and Risk Management.

For more information, please contact Christina Weinberg, Senior Business Development Manager, at 212.819.1700 or via email