Internet Marketing Basics

Internet marketing is one of the most potent marketing options that are available to marketers today. It is simple, easy and interactive and anyone who knows the basics of the internet can easily be an internet marketer. However, there is one problem that most of the people associated with online marketing face. The world of internet is so vast that you might keep on making regular efforts and still not get found by your target audience.

At this point, it might be difficult for you to understand what effort must you make to ‘get found’ by your target audience. Here are some basics of internet marketing that you can use to get the best results.

· You must be consistent. It is not possible that you do SEO today and be seen on the top of the SERPs forever. You must do it regularly. As the world of internet is so vast and dynamic, it might take as many as three months to see the results of your efforts. Every single day, you must have a time that can be dedicated purely to SEO. A little effort did every day will be giving better results than a single day of efforts.

· You must always be creative. If you try to be like everyone else, you would probably get lost on the internet. Always try to be creative. Look for newer avenues to explore and always try to think out of the box. This is the only way in which you will be able to get found by your target audience and also create a new niche for yourself.

· Be unique. It is good to look at what your competitors are doing, but it is not good to follow what they are doing. No matter how similar your business, products or services may be, you must simply be working on those features that make you unique. Create great content and websites that match with this uniqueness and make sure that you appear as a company that believes in being original in your internet marketing efforts. This gives a great impression to the target audience.

· Believe in quantity and not quality. You will be surprised to find that the biggest companies are not the ones that fetch the most traffic. Therefore, make sure that you are giving quality to the visitors through your internet marketing efforts. If they get quality, they will always come back for more, and when this happens, you will be able to get better business.

Press Release

Here are some points to pay attention to when writing your press release.

1. Get to the Point

When creating your press release, avoid talking about many details and jumping from topic to topic. Get right to the point. You don’t want to lose the reader in a wave of technical terms and unnecessary details. You need to find the main idea of what you’re trying to convey and get right to that, and then follow up with details to back this idea.

2. Don’t Make the Focus on Selling

This is an instant turn-off for any reader. No one wants to be reading something that is just trying to sell them something. Go in with the intention of educating your reader; this will inspire them to want to learn more. Your primary goal should be to inform them of the value and benefit of the information that you are giving them.

3. Don’t “Overhype” Your Press Release

pressTell the reader what they want to know, never try to exaggerate or make your product out to be the cure for cancer. Overhyping will lead to nothing but trouble in the future, and no one will take your future press releases seriously.

4. The Triangle Structure

The best format to follow when writing is, to begin with the information you want to get across, and then follow up with detail.

If you the reader cannot grasp your idea quickly, they are likely to get bored and put down the article. The goal is to get your reader to reach your main point as soon as possible, and then hopefully the following details will keep them hooked enough to read the rest.

5. Your Audience is Key

Your audience should always be at the forefront of your mind when writing your press release. You need to know whom you are writing to and what they want to hear about. Be sure to keep everything interesting and clear; you don’t want them to get lost in the details.

6. Using Keywords

Always use keywords that your audience is likely to search for to ensure that they will be able to find your press release. It is an excellent way to connect you to your audience, as well as get your work viewed by various search engines, broadening your potential audience.

7. Networking

With today’s technology, you have an abundance of sites and resources to assist in spreading your message around the world. Making accounts on social networking sites as well as other networking sites is a great way to connect yourself to your target audience better.

These tips will get you on the right path to crafting the perfect press release. One that will engage your reader, and hopefully spark some business. You’ll be able to get your message out to the world, and the world will be at attention.

Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet Marketing

Before I get into article marketing tips, let’s go over the basics first.

What is article marketing?

Article marketing is the process of writing articles related to your industry and submitting them to article directories on the web. But why in the world would you want to spend time writing articles and give them away for free when you have so many other things to do in your small business?

Well, one reason to implement article marketing is that it positions you as an expert in your field. Article marketing is not something you do once. It is an ongoing effort. So over time, you will build up a decent amount of items on the net. You are building up your business’s reputation through quality articles related to your industry.

Article writing also helps local businesses with link building. If you have explored the rest of this site I mention two main things to remember when applying local internet marketing strategies to your small business:

  1. Have good quality content on your website
  2. Build backlinks to your site

Even if you aren’t a good writer, coming up with good content is the easiest of the above. After all, you are the expert, and you can always get assistance with writing quality material. Unfortunately, building links is a tedious process. The good news is that you will get links naturally if the content on your site is useful and informative.

But one way to enhance your link building is through article marketing. So even though you have other things to accomplish with your time, writing and submitting articles can build up your link popularity. Link popularity will, in turn, increase your search engines rankings.

Now that you have a basis of the reason behind article writing, below are some article marketing tips to get started.

Local Internet Marketing

Article Marketing Tips

The first step to this process is, of course, writing an article. Pick a topic related to your business or industry and make it informative. If you are a landscaper, write an article offering tips on how to maintain a lawn or how to plant a garden. Remember, you are the expert – so showcase your knowledge. But you obviously shouldn’t give everything you know away. Your ultimate goal is for the reader to want more information or to contact you.

This is NOT a sales letter. Be creative and use your current client base for ideas. What are some of the questions that you have been asked by potential or current customers? As ideas come to you, write them down for future articles, so you don’t forget them.

I would suggest writing between 400 and 600 words as this is the minimum requirement for most article directories. And remember – quality is better than quantity. You are better off writing a 400-word article that is well written, than a 700-word article that is just so-so.

How does Article Marketing Increase Link Popularity?

When an article is submitted to an article directory such as or, it becomes a part of their database. In your article, you can place a link back to your site as part of what is called the resource box. This link acts as a ‘vote’ for your website and increases your link popularity.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Many people who run blogs use a syndication feed of an article directory to help fill content on their site. They can choose the category or niche that they would like to stream from their website. If you write good quality articles related to your industry, your story might get chosen to be placed on their site.

So guess what? Each site that has your story on it also includes the backlink to your website. So from one article, you can gain multiple backlinks.

Anchor Text

The backlink that is created from your story to your site should not simply be listed as It should utilize proper anchor text. Anchor text is a keyword phrase that links to your site.

HTML for Anchor Text Link:

<a href=>Anchor Text Here</a>

A keyword phrase that I want this website found under is “article marketing tips.” By linking the anchor text ‘article marketing tips’ to this page on my website (, I am telling Google what the web page is about.

If you write an article discussing tree removal, have your anchor text link to the page on your site that discusses tree removal. It does NOT have to link to the homepage. In fact, it should link to the page where the reader can find out more information about your topic.

Article Marketing can be very effective in not only showcasing your expertise on the web but also in building backlinks to your site. Building backlinks are one of the most important aspects of local internet marketing.

So now that you have some article marketing tips under your belt, what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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A Blogging Tip For You….


A good blogging tip is the one that points you in the direction of success. Success not only at blogging but at everything you do online. That might sound a little funky, but it’s true.

The internet is run on content, and all sites require content to be indexed. Therefore concentrating on content would be the #1 tip for anyone looking to start blogging or expand their present blog to include other things. There are tools, plugins, strategies and many other useful things out there.

Here is an abbreviated checklist for your review:

good blogging tip

Blogging Tip #1– Be conscious of what you are writing about. You want to make sure it is first a highly searched upon term and that it has the right volume to be productive. Remember, under 1000 searches per month is usually no good.

Blogging Tip #2– Take notice of what others in your market are doing to rank highly in the search engines. Use the google keyword tool to find out what keywords your competitors are using and mimic them. Find out whos winning and do what they do.

Blogging Tip #3– Don’t be boring. This is the #1 mortal sin of beginning bloggers. Talk about something that is highly searched on in a way that is controversial and touchy. You can then incorporate things like Web 2.0 to help you build your content (all by itself it grows!). YouTube and Facebook use Web 2.0 content building systems and have increased exponentially!

Blogging Tip #4– Plan out your blog marketing strategy. Running fast and blind into an area that hasn’t been investigated lets you make more mistakes than a 3-year-old on an algebra test. This, of course, takes up copious amounts of time and energy resulting in a net movement of usually 0 (or worse). Make sure you have your ducks in a row before embarking into uncharted waters. There ARE sea monsters, and they WILL get you if you don’t prepare. I am not kidding.

Blogging Tip #5– Be patient. You’re not going to rank overnight. It’s not going to happen. So remember to exercise patience and persevere. There will be days when you don’t feel like posting, and those are the days you need to do precisely that. Post relevant highly searched on topics and used keywords to gain recognition and higher indexing.

Blogging Tip #6– Check out the plugins. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the available plugins for your particular blog platform. There are hundreds of free plugins all over the place for your blog. Check them out and use them to help expand and enhance your blog’s functionality and level of interactivity.

Blogging Tip #7– Administer surveys to all your subscribers. Find out what they want and what they don’t want. If you are in business to monetize and you’re not doing the blogging thing just for fun, it’s essential to understand this elemental point.

Your subscribers are waiting for you to increase the level of service they are getting from you so it would then be your job to serve them better? What better way than simply come out and ASK them.

blogging advice

At least ask them the following:

1. What is your most important question on the topic of “right now?

2. How difficult was the answer to find?

3. What would you suggest we do different here at “”?

These three revealing questions will give you insight into what people on your mailing list want to hear about and read about. That way you can craft your newsletters and offers to meet the requirements for conversion.

Blog Tip #8– Sign up for an affiliate account at Grab hoplinks and place them strategically on your site to increase your clicks and conversion. Be sure only to include affiliate products that fall within the parameters of your overall site concept. If you do this right, you can make big bucks in a big no time at all.

Blog Tip #9– Implement in your copy. You might see the green links on this page that are double-underlined. These are info links and are an excellent way to automatically target relevant topics in your content that you were not initially aiming to improve.

Infolinks is simply a web service that is FREE and that provides you with a reliable way to further monetize your keywords without having to go in and highlight them yourself. This is very powerful.

Blog Tip #10-Be passionate about what you write about. If you are picking a blog topic or concept that is solely driven by your need for money, then 90% of the time you will fail to monetize it.

People can tell when reading your web content if you like what you are doing, or if you are merely a “clerk” manning the front desk. Don’t make the fatal mistake of “putting money ahead of your passion.” It is fatal. And 95% of the time you could fail because of this error. Blog more quickly and easily than you probably are currently!

Blogging Tip #11. This is the best blogging tip of all. Click to download a powerful pdf document that tells you how to start a successful site from the very beginning!