The Top 8 Reasons You Will Love Buying a Lighter with USB

Lighter with USB

The markets are flooded with new products, meant to improve the overall smoking experience of people who love the activity. Brands try and add fun elements to various smoking accessories to attract people and elevate the use of technology in their products.

For example, there are these fantastic cigarette boxes which keep your cigarette buds dry and all straightened up.

There are aroma-tight boxes as well, which hold the cigarette fresh at all times. The latest USB rechargeable cigarette lighters are one of such great inventions.

Make smoking a pleasurable and comfortable affair. Do not have to worry about heading off to your neighborhood cigarette shop at odd hours only to find it closed. Instead, you can buy a lighter with USB which you can use time and time again.


People love it across the world, guess why? Because:


1. It can stand useful for nonsmokers

Yes, you heard it right! You don’t need to be included in the smokers’ family to enjoy the fantastic benefits of USB lighter. These plasma beam lighters can be used to light up things like campfire, barbeques and even candles.



2. They’re rechargeable

People who have used old butane lighters, which are refillable, know what an Uphill battle it is to find its specified refill contents and special fluids along with the hassle of having to refill it again and again.

But, with rechargeable USB lighter let go of all such irritating processes. The USB cigarette lighter comes with the option of recharging through a USB cable which only needs to be connected to a laptop, mobile phone or computer. You can let it charge for about an hour and voila! It’s done!

When completely charged a USB lighter can light up about 3-4 packs of cigarettes or even more.

Flameless Pilot Cigarette Lighter


3. Battery indicators

There are some exclusive models which come along with particular battery indicators. You get timely alerts as to when your lighter’s battery is about to die. So, you can charge it in advance for continuous use.



4. No problems with the wind

You want to light a cigarette. First, you take out your butane or Methane lighter and try to ignite the smoke, but it just keeps on blowing off. Thanks to the winds!


But, now with the USB cigarette lighters, you will never have a problem with the mighty winds. The lighter is flameless. The USB lighter produces an electron beam, and hence, there are no worries of it blowing off every time you step out on a windy day.



5. Safety first

If you didn’t know about how dangerous the old butane lighters were then, probably you were living under the rock. The old butane lighters are nothing but small packages containing some of the most inflammable gases. In case they spill, break or crack, there are vast possibilities of many kinds of unfortunate accidents to happen. In contrast to this, USB lighters are nowhere even close to flammable gases.

The product is an adorned with safety features like the one, which prevents the formation of electric arcs when the lighter’s lid is closed.


Furthermore, standard lighters produce big flames, and there are significant chances of burning anything around it including your hair, of course accidentally! With the USB lighters, at least your hair will remain safe and intact!



6. Environmental friendly


As humans, we have failed the environmental system altogether. Our so-called “development” has taken a significant toll on the natural cycles and the climate. If you are a person who feels deeply for such causes then switching to a rechargeable USB cigarette lighter is a significant step.


USB Cigarette LighterThe butane lighters give out greenhouse gases every time you light it up. We all know how these greenhouse gases are the cause of perpetuating global warming on the earth. You might feel that the amounts of greenhouse gases dissipated are almost insignificant. But, do not forget how one by one we make up to a billion. There are plenty of people who think that neglecting this critical point is alright; just because they feel that being alone, they can’t make a change.


But, it is high time for us to step up and own up to our environmental responsibilities. Let’s take the step from our side, by using a plasma beam lighter and save the environment.


7. It’s Light on the pocket.


You have probably wasted heaps of money on buying and throwing those old disposable lighters, haven’t you?


But these USB cigarette lighters will be opposed to that. It saves your money through being rechargeable with conventional electricity. It is powerful enough to produce up to 900 degrees of ignition heat immediately, as you tap it on. No harmful emissions going inside the body. No stress of finding right refilling liquids.


Just pure fun in having a great smoke. Not to mention how durable these lighters are! You can have one of these for a good few months or even as long as a year or more, without the worry of having to buy another one.



8. No change in flavors

As the rechargeable cigarette lighters do not make use of any fuel fluids, they do not alter the actual flavor linked with the Cigar or the cigarette itself. Many times companies use cheap and toxic fuels to fill in those old, cheap lighters.

When ignited these lighters interfere with the flavors of your bud and give out a weird taste, after combustion. This might also be the reason why many people still prefer to use matchsticks instead of the sophisticated lighters.


But you need not worry about this now, because you can opt for the elegant packaging of the USB cigarette lighters along with zero interference with the flavors of your cigarettes. Isn’t it amazing?