A Blogging Tip For You….


A good blogging tip is the one that points you in the direction of success. Success not only at blogging but at everything you do online. That might sound a little funky, but it’s true.

The internet is run on content, and all sites require content to be indexed. Therefore concentrating on content would be the #1 tip for anyone looking to start blogging or expand their present blog to include other things. There are tools, plugins, strategies and many other useful things out there.

Here is an abbreviated checklist for your review:

good blogging tip

Blogging Tip #1– Be conscious of what you are writing about. You want to make sure it is first a highly searched upon term and that it has the right volume to be productive. Remember, under 1000 searches per month is usually no good.

Blogging Tip #2– Take notice of what others in your market are doing to rank highly in the search engines. Use the google keyword tool to find out what keywords your competitors are using and mimic them. Find out whos winning and do what they do.

Blogging Tip #3– Don’t be boring. This is the #1 mortal sin of beginning bloggers. Talk about something that is highly searched on in a way that is controversial and touchy. You can then incorporate things like Web 2.0 to help you build your content (all by itself it grows!). YouTube and Facebook use Web 2.0 content building systems and have increased exponentially!

Blogging Tip #4– Plan out your blog marketing strategy. Running fast and blind into an area that hasn’t been investigated lets you make more mistakes than a 3-year-old on an algebra test. This, of course, takes up copious amounts of time and energy resulting in a net movement of usually 0 (or worse). Make sure you have your ducks in a row before embarking into uncharted waters. There ARE sea monsters, and they WILL get you if you don’t prepare. I am not kidding.

Blogging Tip #5– Be patient. You’re not going to rank overnight. It’s not going to happen. So remember to exercise patience and persevere. There will be days when you don’t feel like posting, and those are the days you need to do precisely that. Post relevant highly searched on topics and used keywords to gain recognition and higher indexing.

Blogging Tip #6– Check out the plugins. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the available plugins for your particular blog platform. There are hundreds of free plugins all over the place for your blog. Check them out and use them to help expand and enhance your blog’s functionality and level of interactivity.

Blogging Tip #7– Administer surveys to all your subscribers. Find out what they want and what they don’t want. If you are in business to monetize and you’re not doing the blogging thing just for fun, it’s essential to understand this elemental point.

Your subscribers are waiting for you to increase the level of service they are getting from you so it would then be your job to serve them better? What better way than simply come out and ASK them.

blogging advice

At least ask them the following:

1. What is your most important question on the topic of “right now?

2. How difficult was the answer to find?

3. What would you suggest we do different here at “yourblog.com”?

These three revealing questions will give you insight into what people on your mailing list want to hear about and read about. That way you can craft your newsletters and offers to meet the requirements for conversion.

Blog Tip #8– Sign up for an affiliate account at Clickbank.com. Grab hoplinks and place them strategically on your site to increase your clicks and conversion. Be sure only to include affiliate products that fall within the parameters of your overall site concept. If you do this right, you can make big bucks in a big no time at all.

Blog Tip #9– Implement Infolinks.com in your copy. You might see the green links on this page that are double-underlined. These are info links and are an excellent way to automatically target relevant topics in your content that you were not initially aiming to improve.

Infolinks is simply a web service that is FREE and that provides you with a reliable way to further monetize your keywords without having to go in and highlight them yourself. This is very powerful.

Blog Tip #10-Be passionate about what you write about. If you are picking a blog topic or concept that is solely driven by your need for money, then 90% of the time you will fail to monetize it.

People can tell when reading your web content if you like what you are doing, or if you are merely a “clerk” manning the front desk. Don’t make the fatal mistake of “putting money ahead of your passion.” It is fatal. And 95% of the time you could fail because of this error. Blog more quickly and easily than you probably are currently!

Blogging Tip #11. This is the best blogging tip of all. Click to download a powerful pdf document that tells you how to start a successful site from the very beginning!